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So when I found out I was pregnant it was a complete surprise and had no idea what to expect for the next nine months. After a day or two I realized I had no idea what to expect and I needed to make sure I was prepared for all of the changes that were about to happen. 

Is it typical for all first time moms to sit on Google for 8 hours a day and research everything under the sun? Well, I turned into one of those first time moms and found what would best benefit me for my first trimester. Here are my top essentials that I needed to get through this first trimester.  

Bra Extenders

These saved me from buying new bras right away. I noticed within a month my chest was getting wider and my boobs were slowly getting bigger. My bras pretty quickly became tight and made wearing them very uncomfortable. 

So I ran to Amazon and picked up these bra extenders and made my first trimester a lot more comfortable without having to buy a new bra…yet.

Pant Extenders

If you’re like me, your midsection is one of the first places to gain weight. Also, when growing a human you tend to get bigger in the belly(or it’s just all those pregnancy carb cravings making me bloat). I really tried my hardest to wear my pre pregnancy clothes as much as I could without being totally uncomfortable. 

So I found this hack on Pinterest that will help you salvage your pants for just a little while longer. If you have trouble buttoning your pants, tie a hair tie around the loop of your pants and then loop it around the button. This will give you a little more room without walking around with your pants undone. 

Stretchy Pants

Yes, I did have to give in and buy these my first trimester due to all of my weight heading straight for my lower body first. Or if you’re like me and one of the few cures for nausea was to eat, then you know the struggle of weight gain during this time. I really didn’t want to buy pants that would fit then and then in 2 months no longer be of use so I bought these Blanqi leggings that are a great option that can be worn all the way until the third trimester. 

They have over the belly support that is extremely elastic and supportive throughout your pregnancy. It feels like it’s sucking everything in but not in a restrictive way. More like a comfortable support kind of way. If you aren’t really showing all that much the waistband will come up to your bra but it’s worth it to be able to wear them all pregnancy long.

Bigger Underwear

Okay, this one threw me for a loop. I did not think I would need to buy bigger underwear until my third trimester but when I started to feel my underwear digging into my sides I knew it needed to be done. My hips started to widen in the second trimester so I ordered these thongs  on amazon. I purchased cotton thongs so I had breathable material, with all the changes that go on down there it’s important to have breathability. 

I also bought some regular underwear but I was really concerned I would have to buy these giant granny panties to put over my bump. Thankfully, I found these great cotton underwear from Kindred Bravely. I love that this underwear is low enough for under the belly! They do come down pretty low but it doesn’t bother me. I would rather it be low and secure than higher and having it fall down as my belly grows. 

Ginger Ale 

Drinking some ginger ale would definitely help curb my nausea. However, I found that most ginger ale soda is filled with mostly sugar and very little ginger so I had to search for one that had a good amount of ginger in it. Plus, you really don’t need a ton of sugar from a drink like that, save it for something yummy! I found that the whole foods ginger ale version worked well. 

Sea Bands 

I didn’t actually use this because I didn’t find out about it until later in my pregnancy but people swear by these so I wanted to add them in. These look like sweat bands you would wear while playing sports back in the day but they have a white circle on them that is used as a pressure point and helps with nausea. If you have a terrible time with morning sickness I suggest giving these a try. 

The Bump 

This is an app that helps you track your pregnancy. It shows you week by week how big your baby is growing, has tons of articles on pregnancy and relates your baby’s size with foods that are similar sizes. I started using this and got such good information on what to expect in the coming weeks and when to do certain things. It was also good just to remember how far along you are, after a while the weeks blur together!


I watched a ton of documentaries on pregnancy and childbirth to educate myself for what I had just gotten myself into. I felt like I needed to watch that horrifying childbirth video you watched in health class in high school all over again. I haven’t been around babies and I don’t have any friends with kids so I needed to start my research early.


The first one I watched was Vaxxed which is about the MMR vaccine. I was skeptical because you always feel like documentaries especially on vaccinations will have a skewed view of whichever agenda they are trying to push but I thought this was very factual and just stating what they found, not hating on either side. It opened my eyes to things going on in the healthcare system today surrounding vaccinations so if you haven’t followed this stuff I recommend watching it. 

The Business of Being Born

Next, I watched The Business of Being Born and honestly, this documentary blew me away! This got me thinking about how birth is treated in the US and I ultimately made the decision to have a homebirth after further research. Whether or not you choose a homebirth this is still a good watch for anyone having a baby for the first time. 


And finally, I watched Breastmilk which helped me learn more about different breastfeeding journeys women have. I thought breastfeeding was a pretty cut and dry thing but it turns out quite a few women have a hard time breastfeeding their children and this gives you some insight on that along with ways to create the best odds for success. 

I hope one or many of these things help you be prepared for your first trimester. I know without these things it would have been an uncomfortable road for me. Let me know if any of these helped down below or if you have any other essentials that worked for you. 

If you want to check out all of my pregnancy favorites on Amazon, you can check that out here.


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