First Trimester Update

first trimester update

My first trimester of my first pregnancy is in the books! I’m actually writing this well into my second trimester but I wrote down all the things that happened during the first because I wanted to keep a log of how things are going. I have a pretty short memory so writing this stuff down will help me for future pregnancies. And isn’t it nice to just look back on? 

Looking back and comparing it to my second trimester, those first three months sucked! I had a ton of personal issues going on during that time as well which I think made things so much worse than they should have been but I am still pretty grateful because I know as opposed to other pregnant women, I didn’t have it that bad.  

So here’s a list of all the things that went down during my first trimester of pregnancy.

Physical Changes

First change that happened about 3 or 4 days after I found out I was pregnant was my boobs getting bigger. I don’t have much up top so this was a change I happily accepted! I felt like a teenager getting boobs for the first time. Any other flat chested mamas out there?!

What I did not enjoy was the 12 lb. weight gain. I was hungry 24/7 and I was worried I was having twins. I felt like I could not ever eat enough! Not to mention, I cured my nausea with eating. My mother gained most of her weight during the first trimester for all of her 7 kids too so maybe it runs in the family? 


You know, I totally expected to be crying all the time and extremely emotional during this time but that was never the case. What was even more surprising was that I had rage. I would get so mad when someone cut me off driving that for the next 20 minutes I would think up scenarios of me following them to their destination and screaming all up in their face! Don’t worry, I never did…but I totally wanted to. 

Now if you know me, I am extremely non confrontational. I hate arguments and I don’t get mad very easily. Most of the time I think it’s not worth it and move on. But man, I could not stop myself from getting angry at certain things. Sometimes I would snap at Chandler and he would just laugh at me and tell me he loved me because it was just so ridiculous. Thank God he was a good sport about it.


I didn’t have too many specific cravings during my first trimester. It seemed like everyday I would want to eat something different and surprisingly I would crave something salty. Normally, I have a huge sweet tooth but I was always wanting chips or crackers. One thing I did typically go for was ramen noodles. And not like, “oh let’s go get ramen”, it was ramen noodles in the cup that you just pour hot water into and let the noodles soften up. Not the best food choice but I guess that’s why they call them cravings!


I got pretty lucky on this one, starting around week 7 I started to get nauseous but I never threw up. I completely anticipated being stuck in front of the toilet hurling everyday but thank god I never did! I drank ginger ale and usually eating helped calm it down. I started to no longer have nausea at week 12 so it was relatively short lived.


As someone who was religiously at the gym 4 days a week, I expected to continue that trend — wrong! I was extremely exhausted and my motivation for the gym was not there. I also was pretty scared to continue working out the way I was used to. I didn’t want to do something to hurt the baby especially before the first ultrasound. So I maybe trained 1-2x a week at best. 


A few other things that happened were frequent headaches from about week 8-12, pregnancy insomnia from week 8-14 and bacterial vaginosis until week 12. Headaches coupled with nausea caused me to do nothing most days. 

I started having pregnancy insomnia between 3 and 5 am. I would wake up to go to the bathroom and then my brain was wide awake. I was contemplating all of life’s mysteries in the middle of the night and I couldn’t go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. I’ve never had issues with sleep, like I could fall asleep at a rock concert if I wanted to so this was very strange for me.

And at my first doctor’s appointment I found out I had bacterial vaginosis which didn’t really affect anything, it just doesn’t smell that great down there. The doctor wouldn’t prescribe any medication until I hit 12 weeks just to be on the safe side. 

Now I want to know – how did your first trimester go? Is the first trimester easier or harder than the others for you? Let me know in the comments below!