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6 Ways to Stay Active While Working from Home

activity at home

Working from home is a big adjustment for most people. Whether you have been working a job that has you moving all day or are just transitioning from an office desk job to a home desk job, it’s hard to stay active when your whole routine has changed. Here are my 6 tips for staying…

Keto Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookies

keto cookies

The keto diet is a struggle for a sugar lover like myself. So I knew I needed to find an alternative that could curb my sweet tooth. I stumbled upon this keto chocolate chip cookie recipe and fell in love! They aren’t exactly like a chocolate chip cookie in my opinion, but they definitely have…

First Trimester Update

My first trimester of my first pregnancy is in the books! I’m actually writing this well into my second trimester but I wrote down all the things that happened during the first because I wanted to keep a log of how things are going. I have a pretty short memory so writing this stuff down…

Is Strength Training Safe During Pregnancy?

Strength Training During Pregnancy

Have you just found out you are pregnant and wondering if working out is a good idea during these next 9 months? With my first pregnancy that was one of my biggest questions, so I searched high and low to find out what is the best thing to do for myself and my future baby….

Prenatal Vitamins You Need to Be Taking

prenatal vitamins

Do you ever feel like your prenatal vitamin just isn’t cutting it? As much as you would like to believe that everything your growing baby needs would be in one pill it just doesn’t seem logical, right? I found that there is not enough of each supplement in a prenatal to aid in the growth…

How to Cure a Yeast Infection During Pregnancy at Home

pregnancy yeast infection

During pregnancy, your body is going through all kinds of changes and disrupting the normal bacteria down there. Those changes can bring along the dreaded yeast infection. If you are pregnant and experiencing yeast infections, here are some tips that can help you fight off the excess yeast and soothe the unbearable itch without a…

My Pregnancy Story: How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

When I woke up on November 16, 2019 I had no idea I would find out I was going to be a mother. It’s funny how a day can feel like just any other day but in an instant your world is completely rocked. If you had told me that 2019 was the year that…